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Beacon Environmental Policy

At Beacon, we acknowledge the potential impact our operations can have on the environment. That's why we are dedicated to consistently enhancing our environmental performance.

We prioritise actively engaging with our key stakeholders, including our employees, clients, and suppliers. By actively seeking and valuing their feedback on environmental matters, we ensure that our environmental program remains responsive to their concerns and aspirations.

Together, we can make a substantial positive impact.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability drives us to go above and beyond, continuously improving our practices and implementing measures that promote a greener and healthier future for all.

More specifically we will:


Quantify and track our environmental impact.


Identify and implement energy-saving initiatives within our offices to reduce our energy usage.


Implement initiatives to minimize travel, particularly air travel, and associated greenhouse gas emissions, without compromising our ability to serve our clients


Reduce the amount of waste we generate and maximize the percentage of waste that is recycled


Consider and manage the environmental impacts and risks when working with clients as well as the environmental impacts of distribution and logistics where relevant