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  • Jo - Boggabri Hardware & Rural Supplies, Australia

    I have used the Beacon system for around 10 years now. The system is easy to follow, and very time effective, leaving me more time to get on and run my business. It is a great package. There is no double entry, as it does stock control and accounting all in one.

    I used it to run my service station. In the fuel industry it is very hard to find a program that can run the bowsers and shop together in one product. Beacon has all this and more.

    I now own a Hardware/Rural Store and did not even think twice about continuing to use Beacon. It does stock control, accounting and customer accounts with ease.

    I would most definitely recommend Beacon. If support is needed, they are easy to reach and very helpful.

  • John Quadara - Little Sam’s Service Station, Australia

    I started using the OnQ workshop program in 1996. I had used it for sixteen years, and found that the program worked well. I kept asking when the upgrades would come, as it worked on a DOS background of Windows 98 – all keyboard, and no mouse.

    Then the OnQ software was sold to Beacon Business Systems, who were working on a Windows-based workshop program as a successor to OnQ. Since then, I have been using the Beacon Auto Pro workshop program for two years, and find it much more in depth than OnQ. All internal programs that come with Beacon work accurately and the End of Day reconciliations are easy.

    When I first started using Beacon Auto Pro, it took about two weeks to know all the ‘ins and outs’. If I had any problems I would ring Support and within an instant, they would dial in to show me what to do, or how to repair the problem instantly. I find Beacon Auto Pro good to work with, and the support is excellent. I would recommend all workshops to give it a try.

  • Robert Gray, Operations Manager, Lifu Holdings Limited, Papua New Guinea

    Lifu Holdings operates 6 service stations in Port Moresby and prior to our introduction to Beacon Point Of Sales systems our staff were doing all sales and reconciliations manually. This allowed for fraud and manipulation of figures to occur resulting in substantial losses for the business.

    Beacon Systems Team arrived on site and set up our 6 sites in a week with 2 POS machines at each site, dedicated site Back Office and links from Back Office to Head Office. This system has saved the business hundreds of man hours and thousands of Kina in lost revenue through the automated systems and real time wetstock management. This system has reduced fraud related issues from staff by 90%.

    The system is easy to use, and takes no time to train staff to be efficient with the touch screens and easy back office reconciliations. The Beacon Support Staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable of their product and assist us greatly if and when we need them. The efficiency of this team is second to none.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Beacon Business Systems as the POS solution to any associated business.

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