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1. Software Subscription & Support Service

1.1     The Subscription & Support Services Terms and Conditions are part of, and subject to, the terms and conditions of the
        Business Services Contract. Upon reasonable notice, Beacon reserves the right to modify the terms and
        conditions of the Subscription & Support Services to reflect the then current market conditions.

2. Availability

2.1     The hours of Normal Software Support are predominately between 8:00am and 6:00pm AEST Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.

2.2     Extended Software Support is available 24 hours per day 7 days a week outside the Normal Software
        Support hours for issues that affect the ability of the site to trade. These will generally be confined to Point
        of Sale and all calls will be routed to rostered after hours support staff and will be attended to promptly.

2.3     Support calls on general back-office functions should be emailed to support or referred to support via phone
        during Normal Software Support hours.

3. Product Support Requirements

3.1     To receive support the customer will need

(a)  a valid product licence

(b)  all customers must maintain a permanent high speed internet connection to allow remote software
      management from Beacon Business Systems

(c)  access through any firewalls to computers running Beacon software products

(d)  to provide Beacon Support with any passwords required to access the computers running Beacon
      software products

3.2     All support calls are recorded in the Beacon Support ticketing system. Calls are logged with a priority and
        queued for actioning. The Beacon Support ticketing system keeps all historical call data for each customer site

3.3     Support is provided via the following means of communication

(a)  E-mail Logging of support requests is via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(b) Telephone support calls will be via telephone number supplied by Beacon, at which time it is of prime
      importance that the Customer obtain and record the Case Number provided. Each call will be reviewed
      and answered as soon as possible, however in busy times it may take longer

4. Fair Use of Software Support Services

4.1     Beacon is committed to protecting the value of support that customers derive from using our software solutions.
        Beacon s fair use policy is designed to serve as a guide for customers regarding reasonable use of our products
        to ensure the quality of support and reasonable expectations are maintained.

4.2     Excessive use is an unreasonably disproportionate use of the service when compared to other users. It is
        considered excessive where the number of calls exceeds 3 times the number of calls/customer/month, averaged
        across all customers.

4.3     Unreasonable Use

        Beacon considers the following issues unreasonable use of the support service:

(a) systems analysis

(b) business advice

(c) programming/development

(d) training

(e) on-site support

(f) system re-installation

(g) operating system support

(h) non Beacon supplied hardware support

(i) network or communications support

(j) PC software support (other than Beacon products)

(k) restoration of data or services lost through factors beyond Beacons control

(l) data conversion or manipulation

        In circumstances where we consider your usage excessive or unreasonable, you will be notified and we may
        suspend access to Beacon Support services. Beacon retains the right to vary the terms of Fair Use of Support
        Services at our discretion.

4.4     A monthly allowance for support use is provided as defined and specified on a number of factors including user
        site count.

5. Maintenance

5.1     From time to time, provision of support or software issues may require that Beacon has to remotely connect, at
        Beacon s discretion and with the Customers approval into a Customer’s system.

5.2     It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure both the operating system and the Pervasive/Actian database
        manager, or similar, installed on the Customer’s computer are current versions and are supported by the
        products vendor.  Any costs involved in verifying or upgrading either of these items is at the Customers expense

6. Backup

6.1     Beacon is not responsible for the backup of data, and is not liable to the Customer for loss of data. The making of
        backups is the Customer’s responsibility and should be monitored by ensuring backups are done regularly.
        Beacon recommends that backup media be taken off site each day and stored in a safe location. It is the
        Customers responsibility to advise Beacon of any backup issues and to obtain a Customer Reference Number.
        Beacon will need to call on a backup in extreme circumstances such as a hardware fault, fire, theft, malicious
        damage, electrical storms or if a problem cannot be rectified in a reasonable time frame.

7. Corruption of Data

7.1     Corruption of data that is caused as a result of events such as electrical storms, or power fluctuations, hardware
        defects (non Beacon maintained) or operator error or negligence, is not covered by the Software Support or
        Hardware Support.

8. Viruses and Spyware

8.1     Beacon must use reasonable efforts to provide that its software and media when the system is delivered, or any
        upgrade is sent via CD, modem, email or downloaded from the website, is virus free. Viruses and spy ware are
        NOT covered by Software Support and all costs of fixing or attempting to fix any noncovered virus, spy ware or
        associated problem will be the responsibility of the Customer. Beacon will require a signed Purchase Order as
        authority to proceed with rectification.

9. Third Party Software that effects the operation of Beacon

9.1     Unauthorised third-party software that affects the performance of the system is NOT covered by Software
        Support.  All reasonable costs incurred by Beacon to rectify problems with unauthorised third-party software
        are the responsibility of the Customer. Each Customer must log a call with Beacon to ensure that non
        standard software is approved for loading on to computers running Beacon.

10. Firewall Precautions

10.1     Problems caused as a result of network defects, interruption or firewall failure are not covered by Software
         Support.  All costs of rectifying problems caused by the failure of a firewall are the responsibility of the

11. Networks

11.1     The local area networks are to be provided by the customer and is the responsibility of the customer to maintain.
         Beacon will not be help responsible for any network or internet connection issues.

12.  Internet Downloads

12.1     Internet downloads, other than those relating to Beacon in any way, that affects the performance of the system
         are NOT covered by Software Support. All costs of rectifying problems caused by non Beacon Internet
         downloads will be the responsibility of the Customer. Beacon will require a signed Purchase Order as authority
         to proceed with rectification.

13. Changes to Forecourt

13.1     Beacon is not responsible for any changes required to a customer’s forecourt pumps, tanks or hoses. If changes
         to the forecourt are required these changes need to be scheduled with Beacon prior to the event. Beacon will
         require a signed quote to proceed with any changes to the forecourt.

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