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Beacon Module: Integrated epay

Beacon’s epay integration allows a seamless user experience for both you and your customer.

Providing efficiency and faster processing times, whilst also minimising any opportunity for keying errors or mishandling of transactions.

The Beacon epay integration module moves all of your epay transactions to the touch of a button on your POS, without the need for a stand alone epay machine.


Integrated epay transactions are typically processed much faster than manual transactions, as they do not require manual data entry or handling of physical documents.


Integrated epay transactions eliminate the need for manual data entry, which reduces the risk of errors and increases the accuracy of the payment process.


Integrated epay transcations are more secure than manual transactions, integration ensures pre-payment and are also completely traceable from the Beacon Back Office to protect against fraud and unauthorised access.


Integrated epay is in most cases more cost-effective than manual transactions, as they can reduce the need for manual labor and physical documents, such as checks and invoices.


Integrated epay removes the requirement for the stand-alone epay terminal.  Removing this device helps clear up bench space and keep things tidy at the console area


When using the Beacon epay integration, the Beacon Support Team become the Level 1 support for any issues you encounter.  Streamlining your support requirements.

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