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Beacon Head Office software has been running across Australia, and now South East Asia for over 15 years. 

Beacon Head Office Software gives you centralised control of your fuel network.

What can Beacon Head Office do for your business?

Centralised Control

Control your Fuel Network from one location

Beacon Head Office allows you to maintain your Stock, Supplier, Customer and Promotions from one central location.

New items or changes only need to be entered once into Head Office, they are then transported down to the sites instantly through IP Communications.

IP Communications

Beacon utilises IP Communications between your Fuel Network.  This ensures that information transfer is almost instant.

ERP Integration

Integration into Octane, Office Companion, Ironbark, MYOB and Xero


Everything done in Beacon is tracked and reportable. 

All financial transactions are allocated a unique Audit number than can be interrogated at any time.

Consolge Log reporting tracks the actions of all staff on the POS and in the Back Office.


Beacon Back Office and Head office are both available as either on premise of cloud based solution for extra flexibility.

How can we help you?

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