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First Look - Beacon's Kitchen Video Display (KVD)

First Look - Beacon's Kitchen Video Display (KVD)

Our first Kitchen Video Display has been Installed at BP South Morang. One month of operating the KVD, here is the welcome feedback we’ve received.

Why did you choose to go with the Kitchen Video Display?

We also run fast food chains that use this KVD system, and we wanted to implement it into our petrol stations, as we also have high number of kitchen orders at our sites.

What are the benefits of the KVD from your point of view?

As our sites have multiple POS all sending items to the kitchen, it is the most efficient way to ensure all the orders go to the kitchen and in order. We were finding POS 1 would send orders quicker to the kitchen compared to POS 3, so we would have some customers waiting 3 minutes for their coffee and others waiting 10 minutes. It also leaves no room for human error; receipts don’t get lost and it is much easier to read the order.

Initial reaction, how does it look, is it easy to understand?

We love it, I especially like the condiments feature it’s a really simple way to select what kind of milk or how many sugars the customer would like. The KVD itself looks really good its up high and off the counter, all the barista has to do is look up while they are making a coffee to see the next order and press the bump bar to clear the order.

If you would like more information or would like a KVD installed, please contact Beacon Support via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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